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23 Mill Street, Weld, ME, 04285
Bird on the water surface


Broadband Update

June 23, 2022
Update on Broadband Internet Service At our 2021 Town Meeting voters of the Town of Weld (“Town”) authorized the Selectboard to enter into negotiations with Matrix Design Group regarding a proposal for a private-public partnership that would provide an opportunity for very high-speed fiber optic internet service to every 911 address in Town. The proposed service would provide upload and…


January 6, 2022
DOG LICENSES WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR 2023 ON OCTOBER 15TH, 2022 YOU MUST BRING WITH YOU: Rabies Certificate Proof of spaying or neutering  FEBRUARY 1st:  $25.00 late fee per dog  BETWEEN FEBRUARY 10TH & APRIL 1st: SUMMONS TO COURT FOR AN UNLICENSED DOG Dog License Fees:   $6.00 per year for spayed/neutered $11.00 per year for dogs not spayed or neutered Kennel $42.00 1-10 dogs…

Remote Particitation Policy

December 28, 2021