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23 Mill Street, Weld, ME, 04285
Mountain at the end of a valley of trees


Cupcake Decorating

January 9, 2024

Heavy Equipment Operator

December 26, 2023


October 15, 2023
DOG LICENSES ARE NOW DUE FOR 2024 FEBRUARY 1st:  $25.00 late fee per dog YOU MUST BRING WITH YOU: Rabies Certificate Proof of spaying or neutering  BETWEEN FEBRUARY 10TH & APRIL 1st: SUMMONS TO COURT FOR AN UNLICENSED DOG Dog License Fees:   $6.00 per year for spayed/neutered $11.00 per year for dogs not spayed or neutered Kennel $42.00 1-10 dogs, must be inspected by the ACO prior…

Town of Weld Ordinance Establishing an Emergency Moratorium on Commercial Solar Energy Facilities - Approved - June 12, 2023

June 13, 2023

Remote Particitation Policy

December 28, 2021