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23 Mill Street, Weld, ME, 04285
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Licenses & Permits

Licenses & Permits (PDF - Download)

Motor Vehicle Registrations

New Registrations: The Weld Town Office License Plates. When you purchase a new car, whether, through a dealership or a private sale, the town office will process your whole transaction. You will need:

  • Vehicle information
  • Title (signed) to the vehicle if it is 15 years or newer or MVT 2 blue application if purchased from a dealer
  • Bill of Sale or a previous State registration form
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Current mileage
  • Check or Cash (The Weld Town Office does not except Debit or Credit Cards)

You will leave the Weld Town Office with new license plates for your vehicle, a one-year registration form, and stickers for the license plates.

The only plates that we cannot issue are Vanity Plates. If you wish to have a Vanity Plate on your vehicle, you will have to FIRST come to the Weld Town Office and pay excise tax. We will issue you an excise tax receipt and then send you to a State of Maine BMV Branch (Rumford) to get Vanity Plates.

Renewal Registrations: Make sure you bring with you your proof of insurance, current mileage, and cash, check or credit card (there is an additional fee if you use a credit card).

Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

For information on ATV, Snowmobile and Hunting and Fishing licensing requirements, current costs, and regulations, go to

The Boater’s Guide to Maine Boating Laws and Responsibilities
 can be found at

Vital Record Access

Access to birth, death and marriage records will now be limited to the person on the record, the person’s spouse, registered domestic partner, mother, father, guardian, descendant (child, grandchild) attorney or agent, certain other family members*, genealogists/agent, officiant, informant, or funeral establishment. Individuals requesting records will need to provide proof of their eligibility to obtain the record (proof of lineage, certificate of domestic partnership, marriage license, guardianship papers, notarized statement from family, etc.).

Persons requesting to purchase copies of vital records must complete a request form which declares their name and connection with the person who is listed on the record. Anyone purchasing a certified copy must show proof of identification: driver’s license, passport or other government issued picture identification card. If one of these is not available, the requestor will need to show two items from the following list: utility bills, bank statements car registration, copy of income tax return, personal check with address, a previously issued vital record, letter from government agency requesting vital record, Department of Corrections ID card, Social Security card, DD214, hospital birth worksheet, license/rental agreement, pay stub or W-2, voter registration card, Medicare/Mainecare insurance card, private or public school photo ID, college photo ID, employee photo ID, or a disability card from SSA. These identification requirements apply to both certified and non-certified copies of vital records.

Residents can order their vial records online at Maine Municipal Vital Record Request Service.

Click here for a downloadable PDF request form.

Dog Licenses

The State of Maine requires that dogs be licensed in the town of residence of the owner. Each dog six months of age or older must be licensed.

Dog licenses expire on December 31st of each year. An additional late fee of $25 will be imposed after January 31st of each year.

The cost at the Town Clerk’s office is $6.00 for an altered dog, $11.00 for an unaltered one. To receive a license, dog owners must show a State of Maine rabies certificate, a spay or neuter certificate, and provide your dog’s veterinarian’s name and phone number (if this information isn’t already on file at the Clerk’s office).