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Maine State Statute along with local ordinances requires that anyone expanding the dimensions of any structure must first obtain a permit from the town of Weld. A permit from the town must be obtained before any new construction begins. A couple of exemptions do exist.



1. Any construction associated with the repair of an existing building without changing its dimension is exempt.

2. Any detached utility structure with dimensions less than or equal to 100 square feet in area are exempt. Note: (This does not include outhouses or privies, as they require a permit from a licensed plumbing inspector.)



Definition of structure: is anything built upon the land.

Note: that premanufactured structures have a separate set of rules pertaining to them. Please consult the Municipal officers or Department of Code Enforcement before erecting or transporting one these type structures onto your land.


The permit process is relatively easy. An application can be obtained at the town office during regular office hours. The permit must be filled out completely and returned to the town office for review by the planning board and Code enforcement officer. This board reviews all permits on the second Wednesday of each month. If the permit is complete and meets the conditions of the Town’s ordinances, it will be approved and a copy of the permit will be sent to the applicant.


Please remember that Weld is a beautiful and fragile place. It encompasses Webb Lake and sheds the waters of many brooks and streams. We all need to protect these recourses. The town has adopted ordinances to protect them as well. So please consult with the Code enforcement officer before conducting any activities adjacent to the resources.


Respectfully submitted as a guide for you by

The municipal officers and the department of Code Enforcement



Who Needs a Building Permit (PDF)