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  • Permit Applications:

    Building Permit Application                         -    (MS-Word Format) (ADOBE ACROBAT DOCUMENT - PDF)

    30% Expansion Application                           -    (MS-Word Format)  (ADOBE ACROBAT DOCUMENT - PDF)

    Sub-Division Application                                 -    (MS-Word Format)  (ADOBE ACROBAT DOCUMENT - PDF)

    Year Round Conversion Application     -    (MS-Word Format)  (ADOBE ACROBAT DOCUMENT - PDF)

    Timber Harvest Application                          -    (MS-Word Format)  (ADOBE ACROBAT DOCUMENT - PDF)

  • Fee Structure                         -    (MS-Word Format)       (ADOBE ACROBAT DOCUMENT - PDF)

    Residence $50.00

    Enlarge footprint of existing building $25.00

    Accessory Building $25.00

    Commercial Building  $75.00

    Permit for Camper/Trailer within Shoreland Zone $20.00

    No fee or permit is required for a structure under 100 square feet or for routine maintenance, if it is outside of the shoreland zone. No Fee


    After the Fact Permit Fee Structure (Approved by the town 3/07))


    Criteria utilized in determining amount of fee:


    Number of offenses

    Response time to notice of violation

    Agreement to mitigate violation

    Punitive effect of fee


    1st Offense ($100.00) - The property owner must respond to the violation notice within 14 days and agree to correct violation, i.e. replant trees or remove structure.


    2nd Offense ($500.00) - This applies if there is no response within 30 days for the same violation, or if violator is uncooperative as to remedial action.


    3rd Offense ($1,000 a day) - If there is no response after 30 days to the original violation, then punitive action will be the only recourse to correct violation.


    Sub-Division Application

    (Approved by the town 3/05)


    There will be a fee of $250.00 to apply for a subdivision permit containing up to and including 5 lots. If a subdivision is more than 5 lots, there will be an additional application fee of $25.00 per lot.


  • Procedure for Obtaining Permits                  -    (MS-Word Format)      (ADOBE ACROBAT DOCUMENT - PDF)

    This application for a building, shoreland zone, or wood harvesting permit must be completely filled out and returned to the Town Clerk, Carol Cochran, by the First Tuesday of the month with the appropriate fee (please see the attached fee schedule). Checks should be made payable to the Town of Weld, Planning Board. Katherine Shoaps, the Code Enforcement Officer (CEO), makes copies for each Planning Board member and retains the original. The Planning Board meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. at the town office. It is to your advantage to attend this meeting since the Planning Board may have questions regarding your application. Once the Board has met, the CEO or Board Chairman will notify you of the Board’s decision.


    Please read the application very carefully and complete all of the questions, as incomplete applications will be tabled.


    A Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT) entrance permit is required if you are making an entrance or changing the use of your property (even if there is an existing entrance) from your property to a state maintained roadway. The entrance needs to be completed and inspected by MDOT within one year or the permit must be renewed. There is no fee for this permit.


    MDOT phone # (207)562-4228

    Bill Austin, MDOT evaluator,


    A property owner should consult with the town’s Road Commissioner, Kelly Hutchinson at #585-2214 - (Town Garage),

    (207) 491-9691 - (Cell) or (207) 585-2236 - (Home), about placement of an entryway or culvert onto a town maintained road before submitting the final plan to the Planning Board for approval.


    If you have any questions regarding plumbing, buildings, or shoreland zoning regulations, please contact one of the following:


    Code Enforcement Officer- Katherine Shoaps at (207)585-2348 or

    Office Hours: Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to noon


    Plumbing Inspector- David Errington at (207) 562-8081


    Planning Board-

    Chairman, Margot Joly 585-2837

    Secretary, Nancy Stowell 585-2542

    Naomi Doughty 585-2688

    Gordeen Skolfield 585-2638

    Chris Hague 585-2857